Canadian Real Estate Trends: Investment Report of  RE/MAX Renovation

The Canadian real estate market has experienced a notable shift in renovation trends, with lifestyle aspirations surpassing financial growth as the primary motivation. Homeowners have sought to enhance their quality of life through renovations that serve their primary requirements and preferences.

However, while lifestyle enhancements take priority, Canadians continue to consider the ROI potential of their renovation projects, acknowledging the long-term financial implications. This trend signifies a balanced approach that combines aspirations for a better living experience with practical considerations to maintain or increase their property’s market value.

Latest Renovation Trends in Real Estate in Canada

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  • More than half of Canadians renovated their homes in 2020 for personal enjoyment rather than solely focusing on the return on investment (ROI).
  • Approximately 29% of Canadians undertook non-essential “lifestyle” renovations, such as recreation and entertainment projects, to enhance their quality of life.
  • Essential reasons, including safety and maintenance, accounted for 29% of home renovations in 2020.
  • Only 16% of Canadians renovated their homes to increase the market value for future resale within the next one to three years.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic and challenging market conditions have contributed to the shift in renovation motivations.
  • A 2021 Leger survey found that lifestyle aspirations surpassed financial gain as the top reason for renovating during the pandemic.
  • Despite the focus on personal enjoyment, 59% of Canadians consider the return on the investment potential of renovations for their home’s overall market value.

Why Are Renovation Investments Important in the Canadian Real Estate Market?

According to the latest data on Canadian real estate renovation trends for 2022-23, there are several notable developments shaping the industry.

1. Popular Renovation Projects and Design Styles

When it comes to renovation projects, specific trends dominate the Canadian real estate landscape. The top contenders include open-concept living spaces, upgraded kitchens, and luxurious bathrooms. These projects not only enhance the functionality of a home but also add value and appeal to potential buyers.

In terms of design styles, Canadians are gravitating towards a mix of modern and rustic elements. From farmhouse chic to industrial vibes, homeowners are opting for a unique blend of styles that reflect their personality and lifestyle. It’s all about creating a space that feels like home while making a statement.

2. Integration of Smart Home Technologies in Renovations

Gone are the days when a renovation focused solely on aesthetics. Canadian homeowners are embracing the digital age and incorporating smart home technologies into their remodels. From voice-controlled lighting systems to automated thermostats, these technologies offer convenience, energy efficiency, and a touch of futuristic charm.

The integration of smart home technologies not only enhances the functionality of a home but also increases its appeal in the competitive real estate market. Who wouldn’t want a home that responds to your every command, right?

3. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Renovation Investments

Canadians are becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint, and this is reflected in their renovation choices. Energy-efficient appliances, sustainable building materials, and eco-friendly design practices are top priorities for many homeowners. Renovations that prioritize sustainability not only contribute to a greener future but also help homeowners save on energy costs in the long run.

The pursuit of sustainability and energy efficiency is not just a fad; it’s a smart investment. It adds value to the property and appeals to environmentally conscious buyers who are willing to pay a premium for a more sustainable home.

Determine Canadian Real Estate and Housing

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There has been a big problem with not having enough houses to buy in Canada. This has been going on since 2021 and it’s gonna keep happening in 2022 too. RE/MAX Millennium, this real estate company, did a study and found out that in 82% of places in Canada, it’s really hard to find a house to buy. And it’s even worse for people who want a single-family house because there’s, like, not enough of those either. In 2022, it got even worse and now it’s 97% of places where it’s hard to find a house.

RE/MAX Millennium Canada, which is like a big real estate company, thinks that the prices of houses in Canada are gonna go down a little bit in 2023. They are saying it might be around 3.3 percent less than before. They got this info from asking a bunch of their brokers and agents all over the country.

Outlook for Canadian Real Estate Market and Renovation Investments

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Renovation trends in Canadian real estate can vary across different regions, influenced by factors such as market conditions, demographics, and local preferences.

Here are some regional market insights into renovations in Canadian real estate:

Western Canada

  • In cities like Vancouver and Calgary, renovations often focus on updating and modernizing older homes.
  • Energy-efficient upgrades, such as insulation and window replacements, are popular due to the region’s colder climate.
  • Renovations that enhance outdoor living spaces, such as decks and landscaping, are sought after due to the region’s milder summers.

Eastern Canada

  • Cities like Toronto and Montreal witness a mix of renovations, ranging from modernizing condos to renovating historic properties.
  • Open-concept layouts, kitchen upgrades, and bathroom renovations are common in urban areas.
  • Basement renovations for additional living space or rental units are popular due to high housing costs.

Atlantic Canada

  • Renovations in cities like Halifax and St. John’s often revolve around preserving and renovating historic homes.
  • Energy-efficient upgrades, such as insulation and efficient heating systems, are important due to colder winters.
  • Outdoor improvements, including decks, patios, and landscaping, are popular to make the most of the region’s scenic surroundings.

Northern Canada

  • In regions like Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut, renovations prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability due to remote locations and harsh climates.
  • Improvements to insulation, heating systems, and alternative energy sources are common.
  • Renovations that optimize space and storage are important due to smaller housing options and limited availability.

Suburban Areas

  • Suburban areas across Canada often witness renovations focused on adding space and modernizing older homes.
  • Popular renovations include basement renovations, kitchen upgrades, and the addition of home offices or gyms.
  • Outdoor improvements such as backyard landscaping, decks, and pools are sought after for enhanced family living.

Consumer Perspectives on Renovations and ROI in Canadian Real Estate

A recent survey conducted among Canadians reveals interesting insights into consumer perspectives on renovations and return on investment (ROI) in the real estate market.

1. Limited Understanding of the Renovation Process and ROI

The survey indicates that only 51% of Canadians feel they have a thorough grasp of the renovation process. This finding suggests that a considerable portion of homeowners may lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions about renovations and their potential impact on ROI.

2. Reliance on REALTOR® Guidance

Approximately 50% of Canadians surveyed expressed the expectation that their REALTOR® would provide advice on suitable renovations when purchasing a home. This reliance on external professionals reflects the desire for expert guidance in making informed renovation decisions that can enhance ROI.

3. Continued Dependence on Professionals

The survey findings suggest that the reliance on real estate professionals, including REALTORS®, for guidance on renovation decisions, is expected to continue. As homeowners seek to maximize the potential ROI of their investments, they value the expertise and insights of professionals who can provide guidance on suitable renovations based on market conditions, buyer preferences, and local trends.

4. Implications for Real Estate Professionals

The survey underscores the importance for REALTORS® and other real estate professionals to possess comprehensive knowledge about the renovation process and its impact on ROI. By staying informed about current renovation trends, market dynamics, and ROI-enhancing strategies, real estate professionals can effectively guide clients in making informed decisions about renovations that align with their financial goals and market expectations.

Renovation Preferences and Self-Sufficiency Among Canadians for Maximum ROI

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Canadian homeowners are increasingly focused on renovations that yield the best return on investment (ROI). A recent survey reveals the top renovation choices among Canadians and their preferences when it comes to undertaking these projects.

1. Popular Renovations for ROI

According to the survey, Canadians believe that certain renovations offer the best ROI potential. The top choices include redesigning larger spaces such as kitchens or washrooms, as stated by 70% of respondents. Minor updates such as refreshing paint are favored by 56% of Canadians, while 55% prioritize landscaping the outdoor space. Changing the home layout, including adding rooms or knocking down walls, is preferred by 50% of respondents. Additionally, 32% of Canadians prioritize updating decor and furniture as a means of enhancing ROI.

2. Preference for Contracting Out Renovation Work

The survey also highlights that 49% of Canadians prefer to contract out most or all of their renovation work. This preference for professional assistance demonstrates the recognition of the expertise and skills required for successful renovations, particularly in areas that directly impact ROI. Canadians understand the value of entrusting certain aspects of the renovation process to professionals who can ensure quality workmanship and adherence to building codes.

3. Self-Sufficiency in Home Renovations

While nearly one-third of Canadians consider themselves very capable when it comes to home renovations, they still acknowledge the need for professional help. This suggests that while homeowners may possess certain skills and confidence in undertaking renovations, they recognize the value of expert advice and assistance, particularly for complex projects or those with significant financial implications.

Balancing Self-Sufficiency and Professional Expertise

The survey findings indicate that Canadian homeowners strike a balance between self-sufficiency and the importance of professional expertise. By combining their own skills and knowledge with professional assistance, homeowners can make informed decisions that maximize the ROI of their renovation projects. This approach ensures a higher likelihood of successful outcomes and aligns with the desire to achieve optimal financial returns.

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